Your realty (beautiful property) or a costly investment (house you have always dreamed of) are not a proverbial piece of garment, the cloth of which meted "by eye" can be eventually replaced...

The law system and codes in realty and construction process that we are bound by are extremely restrictive and any deviations from their standards are not commensurate to the funds you assign for it.

If you want to provide for both the safety and a peace of mind in the process of the land surveying and construction support then we kindly invite you to contact us and take a chance to make use of what we offer to you - "tailor-surveyed" for your specific needs"

Who we are

Our long lasting commitment to numerous projects expressed by the number of successfully accomplished ones , combined with the use of the latest and state-of-the-art technology makes it possible for the info-products we deliver to be full, precise and , at the present, conveyed by a most perfect means - in a digital form.

What we do and how stands for a team of professionals in all-round land & construction surveying support for the investment process in real estate and property - we provide in-depth and thorough geo-information related to the factual and legal as well as as-built status of the property.